To the Old Swimming Pool


Suitable for children





6,5 km

Time Requirement:

2 h


90 m

From the 24-meter-high Gate of the Mother of God we head towards one of the oldest churches with an octagonal tower without its own foundations, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which houses a rare fresco of The Ambush of the city of Jihlava in 1402. Behind the church we turn to the blue sign and enter the castle park. About two-thirds of the walls of Jihlava are preserved and are among the best preserved in our country. After the blue we reach the intersection of Křižíkova and Dlouhá stizka streets, where in the garden of the house stands a malting column as a reminder of brewing beer in the city (more can be found on the Brewery Nature Trail). Still after the blue we continue to the Old Floodhouse, founded in 1844. Today it is no longer possible to swim here, but there is a nature trail that will remind us of the history of this place. There is also a children's playground and benches with seating, so we relax before the next trip to Pančava. Pančava used to be a small settlement, today it is part of Jihlava. We do not leave the blue mark and get to the Saxon Valley, a natural locality with dry slopes, rock gardens, rare species of animals and plants. To get back to the city center, we turn from the blue in front of the cottage area to Nad Jihlávkou street, where we get on the public transport bus No. 5.

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